Mike has participated as a financial industry professional since 2010, working as a professional trader and venture capital investor. He currently is an active venture capital investor and manages a momentum based equities and options fund. Mike graduated from Florida State University in 2009 with a dual degree in Finance and Real Estate and a focus on executive level education experience in Behavioral Finance.

As the 2008 financial crisis peaked, Mike formed a private equity group that specialized in funding startup companies in their infancy eventually bringing several of them public which then led to becoming a full-time independent trader in 2012.

Most recently, Mike was an integral part in forming and building Warrior Trading, a leading innovator in financial education. During his time at Warrior Trading, Mike led a vast group of traders of all experience levels and mentored thousands.

Mike’s strategy can be described as a momentum based active investor approach with an emphasis on advanced technical analysis and market sentiment.


With over a decade of trading experience, Sean is a seasoned professional known for his expertise in navigating momentum swings and identifying parabolic reversals.

His journey began after graduating from the Florida Institute of Technology with a degree in Business and Accounting. He then worked for a boutique brokerage firm where he found his love for trading. After several years trading and working on an options desk for a major broker, he decided to take on trading full-time.

Over the years, he has honed his skills and developed a keen intuition for market trends, enabling him to make informed and strategic trading decisions.